Artist/Producer/Song Writer d.Mills is noted for his outstanding Jazz and R&B compositions.

d.Mills experiences range from being a talented musician, song writer, and artist.  He plays the piano, bass guitar, and guitar. At the age of fifteen he traveled the US playing the bass with legendary gospel singer, Shirley Caesar. As an outstanding professional Mills has a God given gift for composing hits, such as Sweet Love,  Give your Love to Me, and All Day, MANHATTAN 2.0, TOUCH.  His debut album, Undercover Life, reflects both his artistry and other aspects of his life as an NYC Detective.

d.Mills Interview on Coffee Talk Jazz Radio

Host Bridgette Y. Lewis shares d.Mills story and journey of how he got into the jazz industry in this podcast

d.Mills Achievments with —TOUCH—  has gone big , here are some of the great things that have happened since its inception!

STILL WATERS – Featured on Smooth Jazz Therapy

July 14, 2013 was a big year for multi-instrumentalist and vocalist d.Mills.  Not only did he release his debut CD, ‘Still Waters’, but also retired after many years as a NYPD detective…


ON THE TABLE ALBUM – Featured on Smooth Jazz Therapy

April 26, 2013 ‘On The Table’ by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist d.Mills got off to a flying start with the single ‘59th St’.  Not only did it capture the streetwise attitude of New York City which he is proud to call home it was also a tune tailor made as the theme music for a television cop show…


STRANGE – Featured Top 20 of JazzWeek Smooth Singles Chart

February 20, 2012, JazzWeek Smooth Singles Chart


STRANGE LOVE – Featured on WiredNewsEngine.com

January 8, 2012 CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio Los Angeles is excited to announce pianist/guitarist D. Mills, newest single, “Strange Love”. Breaking new ground and blurring the lines between musical genres, he’s done it again with his latest musical offering. Mills is a dynamic songwriter and entertainer. 2012 will be and amazing year for his sound, prepare yourself for the arrival of a new generation of R&B Soul with dashes of funk and touches of Jazz…


TOUCH– MAKES THE CHART Germany Jazz Music Chart 4 May, 2011** at position 70.

Touch by d.Mills – Song Analysis | iTunes Music Chart Archive
Get all the chart information about Touch by d.Mills including a song chart analysis. …Germany Jazz Music Chart 4 May, 2011** at position 70. …

TOUCH- MAKES The Smooth Jazz Network
Smooth Jazz Top 20. Countdown with. Allen Kepler… Smooth Jazz Network® New Music Hour … d.Mills, Touch. Darren Rahn, Tale Of Two Cities …

TOUCH – Smooth Jazz Artist Interviews

www.smoothjazz.com with Sandy Shore – http://smoothjazz.com/jazzblast/GreenStream/d_mills_2.htm


zzWeek — Current Smooth Jazz Releases
Jun 29, 2011 – Current Smooth Jazz Releases. June 27, 2011. PAUL HARDCASTLE Hardcastle VI ( Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm) D. MILLS Touch (Self-Released) …

SMOOTH JAZZ – Makes Time Project

d.Mills Track: TOUCH (New Single)
http://shoutcast.mixstream.net /flash/usa2-pn:8032http://www.smoothjazz.com/artists/interviews/interview.php?id=1708

TOUCH- Makes Strawberry Jazz Playlist

Strawberry Jazz Playlist 6th July 2011
Strawberryjazz. Strawberry Jazz on www.solarradio.com and … Touch(2011) d.Mills d,M. Records 9 Tracks Album Length: 37:24. Album Size: 90 MB …

MANHATTAN 2.0 – Interviewed on SmoothJazz.com


Changes // by d.Mills - album: Love Changes
  1. Changes // by d.Mills - album: Love Changes
  2. Strange // by d.Mills - album: On the Table
  3. Still Waters // by d.Mills - album: Still Waters
  4. Manhattan 2.0 // by d.Mills - album: Manhattan 2.0
  5. Love Potion // by d.Mills - album: Love Potion
  6. Hidden Lover // by d.Mills - album: Manhattan 2.0
  7. Manhattan Dance // by d.Mills - album: Manhattan 2.0
  8. Touch // by d.Mills - album: Touch